Brand Deck

Brand Deck

The Brand Deck was a passion project for the team at Simple.Honest.Work., led by Creative Director Scott Thomas. It is a card deck of 100 adjectives that helps you figure out the core characteristics of your brand. It is a great first step of the branding process, and is a collaborative game that designers, founders, and other key stakeholders play together.

We created the content and the design for the cards, built the Kickstarter page, filmed and directed a promotional video, and set up a marketing website for post-kickstarter sales. We also designed the card packaging and the shipping boxes that the cards were delivered in. From beginning to end, this was a collaboration by passionate and dedicated team members that believed in the product and wanted it to succeed. It successfully met and far exceeded it's Kickstarter goal within a few weeks.

Package Design

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Art Direction

Brand Deck
Brand Deck
Brand Deck
Brand Deck


Kyle Tezak
Scott Thomas
Creative Director
Andrew Kaye